Divorce is just the job


TS has heard from some quarters that divorce can be the making of you. And without wishing to trivialise the sanctity of marriage, TS has sometimes considered getting married just so we can get divorced and finally make it as a front page reporter.

We have that backing of venture capital guru Jon Moulton on this one. Examining what makes a good chief exec, he found that those with one divorce under their belt outperformed those who had never gone though the divorce courts.

But there is a warning to those thinking of getting carried away as a route to further success. In corporate finance magazine Icon he said that once CEOs go beyond one divorce, the failure rate increases dramatically. Backing anybody with three divorces under their belt, which Jon has done five times, has seen him lose every penny, he said.

Perhaps TS should take heed and stick to quiet nights in with our faithful partner, Scruffy the dog, after all.

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