Is that a chainsaw in your bag…

Texas_chainsaw_massacreBusiness flights can be a tedious affair, as TS is all too aware given the air miles we rack up jet-setting around the world to various accountancy shindigs. Checking in, first class lounge, free drinks, champagne, in flight movies, more drinks, it’s all such a big yawn.

So imagine our envy when ACCA supremo Christopher Forster relayed his latest airport adventure. Apparently he was queuing to go through an x-ray machine bound for Newcastle when the man in front was asked what was in a gift wrapped box. It took some persuasion, but the man finally confessed that it was a chainsaw.

Now, it’s TS’ view that chainsaws are not the most appropriate hand luggage and we are pleased to inform you that Forster felt exactly the same way. So, he safely deposited the shotgun that was in his own hand luggage in one of those plastic boxes. We made that last bit up, by the way.

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