Tax experts to lock horns

Book a ringside seat, pugilism-craving accountants. ACCA is holding a flat tax debate on 6 June this year.

Richard Murphy of the Tax Research limited, the Tax Justice Network and various other organisations, has been commissioned to produce research into the issue.

Murphy will be debating the issue with Richard Teather of Bournemouth University. That’s the same Richard Teather who wrote to Accountancy Age in November last year on the launch of Oxford’s centre for tax research.

‘As soon as I saw Richard Murphy at the launch of Oxford’s new centre for tax research, I knew that I only had to wait for the next issue of Accountancy Age to read his attack on it,’ he wrote.

Murphy is a campaigner against avoidance who thinks miscreants should be chased to the end of the earth to recoup their ill-gotten gains. Teather is a free marketeer and proponent of a flat tax concept who conducts research on behalf of the Adam Smith Institute.

Light the blue touch paper – stand well back.

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