Prince Charles pips Mike Warburton in poll

Not the least of HMRC’s worries on the trusts issues should be the fact that Mike Warburton is the 34th most important person in Gloucestershire.

Mike has been given the lofty position by the Gloucestershire Echo, the well-respected local paper. Mike, of course, works in Cheltenham, so he qualifies, unlike TS, who would certainly have been rated more important if we had an office in the town. Prince Charles came top, Mike tells us, sounding ever so slightly miffed, not to have beaten the heir to the throne.

Mike’s citation reads: ‘Mike Warburton is the man credited with making tax interesting, with his regular appearances on BBC Radio Gloucestershire, Sky TV, BBC 5 Live and his column in The Citizen.’

All correct, though TS would quibble with one thing. Tax is always interesting.

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