Nick told to ‘get off my Land’


Having been chairman of Ernst & Young for 12 years, you would have thought that Nick Land, profiled on page 19 of this week’s mag, could get his picture taken outside the firm’s headquarters.

Sad to say, Mr A Jobsworth (we think that’s what the name badge read) from the More London estate refused to allow the top man to have his picture taken unless he was on the nearby red bricks, and not on the greyer brick that More London owns. Unless you have permission, that is. The old ‘Do you know who I am?’ trick didn’t work either.

Chatting with Nick, TS discovered that he is something of a traditionalist. When some snazzy sandwiches came in mid-interview, he moaned, ‘whatever happened to cheese and pickle?’

TS recently discovered FRC chief Paul Boyle likes a crayfish sandwich while Land prefers a more traditional combination. If you know the sandwich tastes of other senior partners, send them to or post them below bit clicking on comments.

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