What’s in a name Des?

Des_hudsonTS would like to congratulate Des Hudson for his move to the Law Society, which, according to the press release spiel, was ‘too tempting for him to turn down’ what with his background as a solicitor. And, after a chat with an ICAEW council member, who shall remain unnamed, TS is pretty sure what his first task could be at the venerable institution: a name change debate!

The reason being, after Des’ unhappiness at the ICAEW’s plans to change its moniker to the ICA he will surely have to take this into consideration at the Law Society ­ due to the existence of a Law Society of Scotland.

As an equitable man, it would seem clear that the Law Society will be known as ‘of England and Wales’. In fairness the society does acknowledge the distinction between the two on its website, but one wonders if Des will refer to it as the ‘LSEW’ or just plain old Law Society?

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