Tony braves the pain


A grimace on the face of an Accountancy Age profilee is not an unusual sight, TS has come to realise.

Whether it’s a tough grilling, boredom or the desperate need to go to the loo during a particularly long question time, some of those in the hot seat have been less than happy to be there.

But the look of discomfort on the face of this week’s subject, new R3 president Tony Supperstone, was for a much more basic reason.

Having fallen down a flight of stairs the night before, Supperstone battled his way into the Brum office of BDO Stoy Hayward to fulfill his interviewing requirements ­ before scooting off to the accident and emergency department of the local hospital.

It emerged the day after that Tony had actually broken a rib, so much kudos for the chat. If he digs in just half as much for R3 members we are sure they will have no complaints.

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