Brains and beauty

Caribbean_queen_tinekeTS has always considered accountancy ‘the beautiful profession’ and now we have proof.

Tineke De Freitas, pictured right, is set to be the representative of Trinidad & Tobago in Miss World this September. What’s more, she’s an accountant.

Tineike has worked for Ernst & Young for the last four years passing her exams ‘without a hitch’. According to the Caribbean Times, Tineke has ‘found her groove’ in the tax department there. It has been noted that the beauty queen obviously has a head for figures.

TS is keen to find out what Tineke’s hopes and ambitions will be when she reveals them as part of the beauty pageant. Will she go for world peace and global harmony, or just global accounting standards?

Says Tineke: ‘I think (the pageant) will make me a well-rounded woman. Not just one who can go on stage and smile. Someone who is well spoken, well read, well travelled…who picks up and goes to

Poland. It’s an opportunity to be an ambassador.’

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