Murphy and Teather ‘agree’ shocker

TS sadly missed the flat tax debate, held at ACCA HQ, but hears Richard Murphy and Richard Teather, arch-enemies in the world of tax, had a good old barney.

‘It was totally amicable,’ says Murphy. ‘Richard [Teather] is a nice guy.’

Ask him about tax avoidance if you really have to, just don’t believe a word he says. We like each other, we just don’t agree.’ Chas Roy-Chowdhury, ACCA’s head of taxation and chair of the debate, reportedly announced at one point that, amazingly, ‘Richard and Richard are agreed,’ before joking that one of TS’s paparazzi should have been there to record the scene.

Murphy also says, apparently with unintended irony, that the debate on the floor was ‘fairly flat’.

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