Same name, shame about the face…

Hitesh_patel KPMG’s insurance partner Hitesh Patel was taken aback when he abruptly discovered his identity had been stolen.

It’s a lucrative business, identity theft. You heard it here first.

Scanning Accountancy Age (1 June, page 34), his first priority of the day, Patel discovered within the Insider Business Club a picture of himself staring back out.

‘How dare he!’ Patel railed at Hitesh Patel, director in forensic at KPMG, whose byline was accompanied by a photo of his insurance partner colleague (left).

Could it be that he was the second Big Four partner to become the second victim of identity theft fraud? he pondered. And by a flipping forensic accountant no less ­ the nerve!

Alas, it turns out it was only a case of mistaken, not stolen, identity,  TS did manage to use the correct image on its website, though, so at least it got the right Hitesh Patel in the picture frame for once.

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