‘Allo ‘allo ‘allo

TS paid a visit to New Scotland Yard recently, not on charges of anti-social behaviour (it happens), but to pay a visit to the Metropolitan Police’s director of resources Keith Luck.

Keith is a busy guy, looking after finance, vehicles, catering, property and goodness knows what else. But he hasn’t been too busy to update his CV, though.

TS asked Luck for his credentials after an interview, to which the Met’s finance man replied: ‘Of course, I have just updated it recently as it happens’, and promptly had his secretary run-off a few copies.

TS is sure that Luck was just working on his resumé in the interests of good housekeeping, but if any headhunters are interested in the bobbies’ bean counter they are welcome to give TS a call. Finder’s fees in cash or direct debit.

Oh, by the way Keith, TS hears there is a job going at HM Revenue & Customs if you fancy a change of scene.

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