And on that note…

Here at TS Towers, one of our key jobs is listening to new CDs so you don’t have to.

And we feel we should draw your attention to a new release by not-so-popular beat combo The Divine Comedy, who briefly hit fame with National Express.

One song on Victory for the Comic Muse tells the uplifting tale of a farm boy who leaves the country for the big city where he joins a firm of accountants as an office boy. Slowly he rises through the firm: ‘but then I discovered my colleagues massaging the figures for personal gain.’

Our hero leaves (‘I’ll not wallow in this house of shame’), tries and rejects religion and joins a band of guerrillas in the hills. He heads back to town where we’re left with the tantalising prospect of him killing the chief of police only for him to reject this way of life too.

And where did this latest addition to the limited accountants-in-pop-songs canon get a recent airing? Somerset House, now an occasional music venue, whose former tenants ­ the Inland Revenue ­ would no doubt be interested in hearing from our protagonist and the firm he worked for.

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