Twisting the night away

To our surprise, Richard Huxtable, the finance director of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, whom we interview on page 19, did not turn out to be the biggest fan of classical music. Odd, we thought, given his job.
So what music does he like? ‘I am a keen ballroom dancer,’ he told TS. Just take a second
there to let that one sink in.  Tight 70s-style flared outfits, throwing your legs in the air and generally, as the saying goes, ‘throwing some shapes’.
Is this a new thing? Was he inspired by Strictly Come Dancing, we wondered. No, he’s been doing it for years, he says.
‘I find it a good way to wind down,’ he says. If he didn’t do ballroom dancing, he’d go home and think about work the whole time rather than the polka.
TS has often toyed with this idea  (though our nights out with which- ever parts of the profession feel like paying our drinks bill, might pose one or two problems). Our excuse is that we just don’t have a dance partner to go out with.

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