It’s all ice, ice baby!

Ice_bar TS doesn’t expect to be taken  out by the great and good of accountancy to a bar so freezing cold that you have to put on a super-duper parka and be served your cocktail in a glass of ice.
But Smith & Williamson did that very thing, when treating their young professionals and clients this week at the trendy Ice Bar on Heddon Street in Soho.
Held at a chilly -5 degrees C, the bar boasts ice imported from the Torne River, 200 kms from the Arctic Circle.
But keep you credit card in your furry mitts. Entrance is a whopping £12 and you get about 40 minutes, plus the chance to wear the necessary ‘thermal cape’.
Thankfully TS didn’t get frostbite, everyone was limited to 20 minutes in the bar, just enough time for TS to cadge a second free cocktail.
From what TS hears, S&W has ice cool IFAs anyway. How else could they plan the tax affairs of wealthy individuals if they got hot under the collar?

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