Cut the rap at ACCA

P ACCA members, often described as the leather elbow patch-wearing type, will have to smarten up their act and start donning some bling, if the recent agreement with the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants bears fruit.
The HKICPA is celebrating its annual ‘CPA Day’ with…a rap. Entitled ‘’Tute in da House’, the lyrics go something like this:
Well I’m a CPA and that’s
what I do,
I know it doesn’t sound sexy to you
But I can tell you I’m a person of repute
And it’s all because I belong to
the ’Tute
I wear a suit
I belong to the ’Tute
I wear a suit
I belong to the ’Tute Blinging names are taken on by the somewhat foolhardy rappers, including Patrick Ng as ‘P Diggedy’.
Can’t quite see it catching on at Lincoln’s Inn Fields, or Moorgate Place for that matter. Though
from now on all institutes will be known as ’Tutes.

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