An ‘Oscars’ moment

Awards ceremonies have the strangest effect on some folks. TS’ all-seeing eye was mesmerised by the transformation of one nominee from sinner to saint after scooping one of the Accountancy Age’s most coveted gongs last week.

As the night began with a spot of champagne-fuelled schmoozing, TS eased its well-cushioned behind into a seat at the bash to watch the night’s drama unfold.

Not only did the esteemed winner’s table talk at high volume throughout the speeches, the shortlistee – a certain Margaret Ewing – engaged in a spot of heckling at one of nominees as the name was read out.

It was only when William Hague announced later in the evening that Ewing had won Blue Chip FD of the Year that it all went a bit ‘Oscars’. TS was treated to a perfect impression of a Hollywood star shocked to hear their name.After this point the firebrand morphed into a paragon of virtue, modestly weathering the protracted round of backslapping and glad-handing that followed.

That melange of bunker mentality and modesty is the perfect mix for top level FDs, TS would suggest.

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