Anstee walks off into the sunset

So ICAEW boss Eric Anstee completes his handover today to new kid on the block Michael Izza.

TS certainly feels some pangs over this, because Eric was a character. One that a fair number of ICAEW members and staff weren’t too keen on, but a character nonetheless.

Michael is pushing on with the strategies that Eric was instrumental in formulating, but has given himself a three-month honeymoon in which he will stamp his authority and announce some new and exciting things.

As far as some of the more vocal members of the ICAEW are concerned, only a turnaround on its attempts to mere with CIPFA will cut any ice, and there have already been sticks thrown at the new boss.

TS recommends you strap yourself in and enjoy the ride, the next three months could be bumpier than expected.

As for Eric, well he won’t need a safety belt on his search for a non-exec post or two.

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