Doing it for the kids

Financial literacy for youngsters. An important topic, and one that should be considered by the finance profession in particular. And it is, it would seem.

Not only has KPMG, the FSA and R3 made it clear that they’re on the financial literacy bandwagon, but ACCA and the ICAEW are also punting this line through their respective parliamentary lobby groups in the corridors of power.

Can’t they all work together on one project, TS mused.

The institutes in particular spend so much time differentiating themselves from each other that they’ve clearly missed the wood for the trees on this one.

But TS is sure that ACCA and the ICAEW will argue about who came up with the idea first.

ICAS, by the way, is looking to educate kids in all matters debt-related, and are working with Glasgow City Council on the project.

Now who’s brave enough to join up with the Scottish institute on this one?

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