Tilly the Tealeaf

TS broke one of its most sacred taboos of not working before 1pm to attend a pensions guidance launch by CIMA, with the prospect of a slap-up breakfast on the cards of course.

After throwing off the bedsheets at TS Towers at an unnaturally early hour to rub shoulders with the institute’s finest, TS made a beeline for a fortifying cup of tea before the briefing kicked off.

Snaffling CIMA chief Charles Tilley for a chinwag, TS chewed the fat before the big cheese had to take up his position as the briefing was about to kick off.

TS went for one last slug of tea for luck, only to find that Tilley had made off with the brew and left his own coffee in its place!

To add insult to injury the heartless head honcho made no effort to redress the balance, which literally left TS with a sour taste in the mouth.

TS advises everyone to keep a close eye on Tilley next time you bump into him in the dinner queue ­ especially if he’s gone for the semolina.

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