Whiting, Wyman and Warburton

Accountants are cast as pensive, bookish types who don’t like to draw attention to themselves.

There are of course the exceptions, as some crave the media spotlight like a senior partner craves his annual bonus.

Two who fall into this category are John (David) Whiting*, partner and tax personality at PricewaterhouseCoopers, and the (in)famous Mike Warburton, tax partner at Grant Thornton.

TS always knew that the pair liked to see their names in print, but never realised that Whiting and Warburton actually got together to compare column inches from time to time to see who had the biggest.

John (Dave) has always been a solid performer, but will have to up his game going into Christmas to keep pace with Warburton.

But TS understands that John isn’t even at the top of the PwC internal league anymore, having been displaced by the ubiquitous Peter Wyman, who has enjoyed a good run after the Oxera report.

Come on John (Dave), we know you can capture the headlines in December.

* Last week TS revealed that Whiting’s first name was actually David.

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