Collier-Keywood dreams of 00 heaven

Agent TS has got wind of a shadowy plot in the highest echelons of power at PwC.

Operation Drinkup was launched to expose Richard Collier-Keywood aka the Blofeld of Embankment Place (according to terrified underlings) after whispers spread of his fiendish designs to nab the ultimate Bond-related accessory.

Intelligence suggests that the tax chief was holding off on picking up his latest plaything ­ an Aston Martin – until next year when the 007 plates are released, but feared that his plot to secure his latest bauble would be derailed by having a P or an M prefix ­ leading to a number plate possibly saying ‘AP007’ or ‘AM007’.

Agent TS uncovered the plot after pumping PwC top brass for information at one of the firm’s opulent receptions. Supplemental data hinted that the tax chief was also going for the convertible version because it was cooler.

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