TS snoozes at Oxera meeting


Another roundtable on the Oxera report, another
hour-and-half of bald men talking about audit competition and saying the same
things they said six months ago.


And so it proved to be at the Houses of Parliament last
week, where TS snoozed through seemingly endless speeches regurgitating the
findings of said Oxera report.


If only the members bar was open to the public, TS thought,
as it sought to make the time go faster. Well done to Grant Thornton’s Steve
Maslin, though, who brightened the session up with a trendy spike haircut that
would have been the pride of the Chelsea FC team photo. Congratulations Steve.
TS salutes you.


Unfortunately Steve doesn’t have his spikey hair in this
shot (above), but as a GT spokesman said to TS: ‘We don’t update our corporate
shots every time someone changes their hairstyle.’

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