Tax advisers ditch clients for CIoT shindig

To paraphrase one of TS’ favourite
publications, ‘ People with tax issues! Don’t expect any help on a Friday!’


It seems that the great and the good of the
tax world have all descended on some place called Manchester (must be somewhere
outside London Underground Zone1) for a high powered summit staged by the CIoT
today, so any urgent tax problems will have to hold for Monday.


TS humbly suggests that the first issue up
for debate should have been: ‘Case Study: How best to leave your clients
without a leg to stand on for a whole day while schmoozing up North’.


There’s also a whisper that the tax titans
fled up the M6 to avoid coming into the Accountancy Age studios for an in-depth
natter about Paul Gray’s appointment as HMRC’s head honcho – TS thought they were
more scared of Dave Hartnett than Paul, but there you go.

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