GT and Robson Rhodes feel TS’ wrath

When a footballer in the middle of contract negotiations comes out and vows that he is completely committed to his current employers, you can be sure he will sign for someone else the very next day.

Still dazed from yet another weekend of early summer excess, TS couldn’t help but apply this scenario to some breaking accounting news, namely the merger of RSM Robson Rhodes and Grant Thornton.

Lets start with RSM Robson Rhodes, shall we, which just a few months ago was slipping on its negligee and preparing to jump into bed with transatlantic partner RSM McGladrey, only to slap its US suitor in the face in favour of a deal with GT.

Not that David Maxwell, RSM Robson Rhodes managing partner and soon to be Grant Thornton ‘something or other’, would have ever admitted the possibility when holding hands with the US countepart.

‘The resulting organisation will also enhance career opportunities for our people who will become part of a leading organisation that is taking the industry in a new direction,’ Maxwell crooned about McGladrey at the time.

The intrepid TS team has asked regularly for updates on the deal since, only to be greeted by confident assertions that once a few pieces of routine paperwork had been completed, Robson Rhodes and McGladrey would – as the Spice Girls sang- become one. Yeah right.

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