ACCA is a vision in red

OK, so TS dished out a bit of stick in the direction of the ICAEW over its £65,000 new logo, when we designed our own new (and better) version at a fraction of the cost.
Now ACCA has followed suit and attempted to design a new logo (top), it’s safe to say TS’ flabber has been well and truly gasted.
For a full £20k more than the ICAEW’s new version of Economia, the certifieds have come up with, erm, a red box with ACCA in white letters. It looks a bit like the old Soviet ‘CCCP’, which in fairness was pretty cool.
They could have gone down the AB  A route and come up with ‘A[C reversed]CA’. TS would have knocked that up for a tenner.
But when you think the body used to be called the Chartered Association of Certified Accountants ­ or CACA ­ the are heading in the right direction.

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