Our funny friends up North

Angel_of_north_2Why are accountants good lovers? Answer: Because they are great with figures! Did it make you chuckle?
Fancy hearing a few more accountancy-related jokes? Well, this is your lucky month because Pro Manchester, a business lobby group with ambitions to make Manchester the new financial centre of the world, is trying to attract the professional cream of the crop up North with a jokebook poking fun at finance experts.
The book, It’s Grin up North (geddit?), is hoping its hilarity will encourage ‘businesses from across the globe to use Manchester professionals because they are different and because they build long-standing relationships’.
Inspired, don’t you think? I mean, if a book of accountancy jokes doesn’t bring in the punters, nothing will. Grim or Grin? If you’ve heard better jokes send them in. Blue ‘uns are always welcome but won’t get published.

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