Facebook your responsiblities

A little birdie told us recently that the ICAEW was looking at the whole social networking phenomenon, considering using sites like Facebook and MySpace to try and communicate with younger audiences.
Everyone’s doing it, don’t you know. TS even has its own Facebook page, if you look hard enough that is.
Only the ICAEW may find there is already a site devoted to it on the FB network, and it is already helping to, um, ‘communicate’ some of the issues the body faces.
TS doesn’t know how to put this delicately, but it’s called ‘ICAEW s***s b***s’, only, um, without the asterisks (this is a family magazine). Sample comments on the site include one from a member (or it may be a student) saying ‘I hate Tax’. Another says: ‘i [sic] can’t bloody believe there is a group called ICAEW s***s b***s!!?! Anyway it does.’

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