Accountants star on Broadway

The Producers gave accountants a starring role on Broadway, now it’s the turn of auditors to get the theatrical treatment, TS discovers.
James Rasheed, a former auditor of a Big Eight firm (that’s going back a few years), wrote a play a few years back called Professional Scepticism, and it’s now enjoying a run in Manhattan’s theatre district.
Exotically named New York Times theatre critic Ginia Bellafante said: ‘The brute at hand is a guy named Leo, a junior manager who antagonistically oversees a team of minions working against a looming deadline on an audit of a shady client. The way he makes his subordinates feel like the rumpled scraps of paper and the hand wipes on his messy desk, are meant to obscure his creeping emasculation- he just can’t pass his CPA exam.’
The very thought of the Beeb running a talent- finding show called ‘Whose Numbers add up
for Leo?’ fronted by Graham Norton and penned by Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber truly chills the blood…

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