Infor commits schoolboy error

The front pages of your favourite accountancy mag recently reported a little competitive jousting between business software groups CODA and Infor.
Well, TS is happy to pick up the story with yet another piece of juicy gossip in this fascinating tête-à-tête. It seems that while the two camps are still busy duking it out, a CODA IT manager recently received a call from an Infor sales rep trying to flog some of Infor’s finest finance software.
TS had to chuckle on learning that the Infor eager beaver started the conversation by asking if this was the same CODA that sold finance software and ended what turned out to be an unsurprisingly short cold call with the conclusion that his sales pitch was probably futile – a schoolboy (and girl) error worthy of Grange Hill. Still, it’s good to see rivals keeping the lines of communication open during the sticky periods isn’t it?

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