Mr Death and taxes

TS always loves a guffaw at people’s funny names on Special Commissioners’ judgments.
The latest one to catch our eye is an HM Revenue & Customs official called Peter Death, who was described only as being from the HMRC appeals unit for the North West and Midlands. This pic isn’t Peter Death, as far as we know.
What to say about Mr Death? That we hope he isn’t involved in too many requests for extra cash in IHT cases? The family might see it as a tad insensitive.
Perhaps some joke about the Benjamin Franklin line about the two things in life that are certain, with him representing both? On second thoughts, we can’t bear to repeat the line, since we see it in every other press release and newspaper we read.
Let’s hope that the HMRC appeals man isn’t into running any gruelling marathons ­ we’d hate to see Death on his last legs.

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