Fur flies in Iris/Sage spat

Now we know accounting software companies like nothing better than a catfight with a rival.
And so it was this week when TS had a little chinwag with a Sage insider who just couldn’t resist taking a swipe at irritating competitor Iris.
In the firing line this time was the promise-cum-slogan of Iris
big boss Martin Leuw, who is always quick to remind us that:
‘Iris will always be an organisation with a face.’
Iris, of course, is private equity-owned, a fact which the Sage mole obviously relished.
The insider said: ‘You always hear Iris talking about how it is an organisation with a face, but it is owned by private equity. You don’t get more faceless than that.’
Ooooh, bitchy, really, really bitchy, but all’s fair in love and war for accounting software titans. The only thing is, there’s always the innocents who get caught up in the crossfire.

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