Tenon’s Raynor dumps Dylan for White Stripes

Tenon top guy Andy Raynor has recovered from his trip to see Rod Stewart (see TS earlier), to the point where he has treated himself and the family to another gig, this time to see the infinitely cooler White Stripes.
TS is almost quite impressed. Was it Andy’s choice though or another member of the family? Regular readers will recall that he was dragged along to watch Rod Stewart recently at the insistence of his wife.  He had earlier dragged her along to Bob Dylan (more his era than the White Stripes, can TS suggest?) Are the kids now calling the tune? Or is it coz the Stripes play Dylan covers?
At the very least, bearing in mind the White Stripes gigged for Chelsea Pensioners just the other week, TS is sure that band members Jack and Meg White can handle an accountancy audience.

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