Alastair Campbell recalls ‘ICAEW Years’

TS hasn’t got around to reading Alastair Campbell’s The Blair Years, but diligently flicked through the pics when perusing it in a bookshop one lunchtime.
Lo and behold, one shot, containing Campbell with our favourite politicians: Blair, Brown, err, Mandelson and Beckett, looked pretty familiar.
‘Of course, it’s the small reception room at the ICAEW in Moorgate Place,’ proclaimed TS loudly in the shop. ‘Sshhh,’ was the only response we received.
As TS isn’t paid much, we wouldn’t buy the book, and instead asked publishers Hutchinson for a copy of the pic (above left).
Just think of all those high-powered meetings at the ’tute, mused TS, and we thought the only ones they’d had recently were between the ‘merger’ chiefs Anstee, Freer and Tilley ­ and look how they went.
Picture used with kind permission of

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