ICAEW’s controversial Malaysian ad ‘a one off’

TS can inform you of a follow-up to the row over the ICAEW’s
advert to recruit already-qualified accountants in Malaysia.

The background first: The ICAEW had caused a fracas over its
advert in Malaysian business mag The Edge, calling on accountants to join the
‘tute through its Pathways scheme ‘without study or formal exams’.

 ACCA of course was suitably enraged – saying that it seemed
as if the ICAEW was now prepared to take on its accountants without any further
exam or study.

The ICAEW of course responded, saying candidates would be
rigorously assessed.
TS asked the ICAEW whether it would pull the ad or stick to
its ‘marketing principles’

‘The ad was a one-off, it won’t be running again,’ replied a
‘tute spokeswoman. 

A one-off?

Anyway, TS will keep an eye on how the ‘tute continues its
Malaysian campaign, and others, very closely.


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