Sherlock Hames Affair

What did the luminaries of the profession do before they
were famous, TS sometimes wonders?

We found out the other day in the Times that Neil Sherlock,
KPMG’s public affairs partner, had a past life bashing Boris Johnson.

We’ll have to clarify that. Sherlock ran against Boris for
the presidency of the Oxford Union. Not only that, he won, just going to prove
that those who can become accountants. Those who can’t, go into politics!

Tim Hames, Sherlock’s campaign manager and now a Times columnist, wrote about Sherlock’s
great victory, commenting waspishly on his role as a high-flying member of the
profession now: ‘how the mighty have fallen’.

Can TS take this slur on the profession lying down? And
could Hames, a mere writer, be running for Mayor of London now if he’d only
opted for a different career path? Answers please.

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