Jolly boating weather for Johnny Vaughan

Well, the sun has finally come out after months of rain, and
what better way to celebrate than a corporate jolly.

It was in this spirit that TS pounced on an invitation from
software company bluQube to cruise around at Cowes week on a 60ft yacht which the company
sponsors. Accounting software has never been so glamourous.

TS had a wonderful time, working on its suntan and eating
fried chicken while lesser plebs were slogging away in the office.

The only gripe TS has is that, just a day earlier,
TV-turned-radio star Johnny Vaughan had been swanning around on the same boat
with bluQube boss Simon Kearsley.

Johnny must have been very disappointed to miss the
opportunity to meet TS in person. TS could have spent the whole day illuminating
the breakfast show host with the latest gossip in the accounting world.

Then again, maybe it was better that TS went on a different

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