ACCA Goodies get on their bikes for charity

If TS flagged up every charitable event undertaken by the
profession there would be no time for finding out funny and silly stuff you lot
get up to.

So as a favour, and because there’s a silly angle, TS will
talk about ACCA staff’s cycle journey from Land’s End to John O’Groats for the
Yorkhill Foundation and Cancer Research.

All good stuff, but the silly angle? The three members of
staff, Findlay Black, Zia Yaqub and Ally Stokoe (click on the pic), will travel under the name The
Goodies – a favourite programme for TS in the past. Hopefully no giant cats will block their path.

Pass on your dosh to for Cancer Research UK or
for The Yorkhill Children’s Foundation.

The Goodies’ progress can be followed at their blog:

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