LTA makes advertising ‘boob’

TS likes to trawl through advertising standards notices, it’s helped the Age out with a couple of stories about the ICAEW and HM Revenue & Customs recently.

But it seems TS wasn’t keeping a close enough eye on things, missing an absolutely astonishing judgment in May. Two complaints were made against Bewdley-based Licensed Trade Accountants for a marketing shot the firm undertook, aimed at pub licensees.

The ad, according to the ASA, stated: ‘You’d employ her to pull a few pints’ and a few new customers. Wouldn’t you? BUT NOT TO DO YOUR ACCOUNTS!’, next to a photograph of a young woman, with ‘her breasts partially exposed’.

The ASA concluded that the ad was likely to unfairly denigrate female licensees and staff, while the ad would likely cause serious offence in the industry by suggesting women were only employed in boozers for their physical attributes.

The ad should not be repeated, said the ASA. Shame on you, LTA.

And to answer the obvious question, you smutty lot, NO we don’t have a pic of the advert.

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