(Non)Domicile showdown

TS apologises for being a bit late with this, but there was an interesting live broadcast on Radio 4 recently about tax and a remarkable comment by one of the nation’s top tax commentators.

Richard Murphy, the tax campaigner, was sticking it to an audience on the ‘Hecklers’ programme about the disadvantages of non-domiciles. Mike Warburton, who was being deployed as a ‘Heckler’ lobbed in a point about how Gordon had opted not to crack down on non-doms and he, Mike said, was ‘one of our most successful chancellors’.

Well, TS was astonished, as you can imagine. Mike never says that on the phone to us. In fact, some of the things he says about Gordon are scarcely printable.

TS’s moles at the recording say opinion was divided 50:50 on whether we should ditch the domicile rules. Just one more push, Richard.

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