The taxman DOES want to Work Together…

When TS is having a bad day at the Towers and finds itself swamped by the frenetic, adrenaline-fuelled world of all things accountancy, it takes a peek through HMRC’s announcements for some light relief.

This week HMRC’s ‘Working Together’ publication had the back page chuckling. HMRC had to break the news to its avid adviser readers that after issue 25, ‘Working Together’ would no longer be available in paper form, a tragedy that, ironically, had advisers frantically scribbling letters of complaint.

HMRC said that, sadly, it was also unable to pass on future issues via email, although readers could access new editions online or via an RSS feed. HMRC then went on to add: ‘HMRC wants to show that they (sic) are listening to agents by making information and news easier to find’ and responding to agents’ areas of concern’. Surely email would be a great way to achieve this noble aim, wouldn’t it? Apparently not.

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