ICAEW ‘blows our minds’

Has getting to the dizzy heights of ICAEW chief executive
gone to Michael Izza’s head? TS only asks because there was one of those
accountancy supplements in a well-known national newspaper last week featuring
an interview with the ICAEW boss in which Michael got a little bit carried

‘When people visit here and I can point out the presidential
plaques and point to the fact that the international profession started here,
it blows their minds,’ he enthused.

It blows their minds? Not TS’s usual reaction to the
Moorgate Place HQ admittedly, but given that we’ve been covering the UK accountancy
profession for more years than we care to remember, perhaps we’ve just become a
bit blase.

TS has a sneaking feeling that Izza is just riding high on
popularity after achieving the singular feat of not winding up the membership
for a few months. Don’t get carried away, Michael. Pride comes before a fall.

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