Facebook makes work a pleasure

TS has been jumpy this week as worrying rumours go round the
office that the IT director at TS Towers is about to block hard workers like TS
from visiting Facebook on company time.

TS would be deeply distressed if the social networking site
was barred, as it would suddenly leave a four-hour hole in the day.

So TS salutes BDO Stoy Hayward managing partner Jeremy
Newman for his far more open-minded approach to web access.

On his blog, the BDO boss had the following to say about the
issue: ‘I am not sure how effective this will be at increasing staff
productivity – which is presumably the intended effect. To be consistent they
also need to ban personal phone calls and emails during office hours.
Personally, I prefer to trust people.’

TS couldn’t agree more Jeremy. Any chance
of popping down to Baker Street for a bit of Facebook action on work time?

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