Supperstone swaps BDO for ‘BSM’

TS has always had a soft spot for Tony Supperstone, long-serving BDO business recovery bod and former R3 president. He has graced the back page of the Age on several occasions – for undertaking his big profile interview (4 May 2006) with a broken rib, and for describing the wonderful fountain at the heart of Birmingham as the ‘floozy in the jacuzzi’.
But Tony has really outdone himself this time. Having retired from BDO, Tony told TS that his next move will be not to take on a couple of non-exec roles but to become a driving instructor.
‘I can work when I want, get some income, and I’ve always enjoyed driving,’  Tony said. TS was loathe to point out that he’ll be the passenger on all those journeys.
In time-honoured fashion, TS’s graphics department has already located a picture of Tony in his new role (click the pic).
And don’t forget: mirror, signal, manoeuvre!

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