Rake progresses through farewell tour

So farewell then, Sir Mike Rake (or should we say Auf
Wiedersehen, after the KPMG Europe merger?).

Mike is leaving the profession to become chairman of BT and
at the end of the month after 35 (count ’em) years at KPMG.

TS has been told that he has something of a ‘legacy tour’
planned, which is apparently de rigeur for top people.

Our man in Salisbury Square says that, with his variety of national and
international roles, different presentations and farewell drinks are taking

A board dinner here, a quiet drink there, you know the
score. There’s no appearance on Blue Peter, we don’t think, as accountants aren’t
that high profile (yet), but TS is sure that Mike will leave everyone wanting

TS also understands that, disappointingly, there will be no
vodka luge, that staple of all good parties, at any of the events. ‘There’ll be
nothing of that order [of extravagance]’, says one KPMG mole, while another
adds: ‘we might run to a sweet sherry.’

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