Colella’s a jailhouse rocker

TS may not have been invited to January’s ICAS Burns Night
supper yet we feel so sure it’s an oversight that’s about to be put right that
we’ve cleared the diary, got the family tartan down from the loft and stocked
up on Alka-Seltzer.

No surprises there, you might think.

But we’ve been relishing this celebration more than usual
ever since we heard that chief executive Anton Colella is to perform on the

And this will be no mere address to the haggis. We gather
Colella will be picking up his guitar and singing.

A tough gig? Not a bit of it. Colella is by all accounts an
accomplished performer, who for five years spent every Sunday entertaining the
good folk at Glasgow’s
Barlinnie Prison. He wasn’t an inmate in case you wondered.

Can a room full of accountants be any more challenging that
a gig at Bar L? Our more cynical readers may wish to Insert Their Own

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