‘Poodle Power’ at AAT’s new office

When TS is not encouraging PRs to pick up the lunch bill,
one finds oneself cooped-up in the dark interiors of TS Towers.

So you can imagine the shock when TS turned up at the
cocktail party celebrating the opening of the Association of Accounting
Technicians’ spanking new offices on Aldersgate.

The AAT has hired various consultants to advise on the
latest office design. Even half-a-dozen mango daiquiris couldn’t calm TS’s
shock at the light, open space and new office concepts.

In the new AAT home no employee has their own desk and is
encouraged to move around. For storing paperwork, each employee is issued with
a ‘poodle’; a wheeled cabinet with leash that can be easily moved around the

AAT workers pick up their cabinets from a ‘poodle park’ and
then simply ‘pull the poodle’ to a hot desk that catches their fancy.

Apparently employees are being encouraged to ‘pimp their
poodle’ by decorating the cabinet in personal style. Rumour has it that sound
systems and mag wheels are set to be the most popular ‘poodle’ modifications.
If only TS Towers was as exciting.

Anyway, above pic is obviously not an AAT poodle. You can see a real one (AAT poodle that is) on the left, click the pic to enlarge.

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