Pacman Taxman game

Have you ever had nightmares about Gordon Brown chasing you
around for that last extra bit of tax? Perhaps in some kind of Pacman-like
set-up, where mini-Gordons chase you around frantically as you wander around
just trying to mind your own business?

Well, your nightmares have now come true. In an attempt to throw
a little more light on the tax debate, the Tories have produced an online game,
modelled on Pacman, called Taxman Gordon, in which you can do exactly that.

The instructions say you have to avoid Gordon ‘and his 111
stealth taxes’.

At last, TS thought, an intelligent contribution to the
political debate on taxes.

You eat up the pound signs, and can pick up power-ups
designed like Tory logos, while Gordon chases you around.

TS has been playing it all week.

It’s all in the name of research, of course.

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