KPMG’s Bob Seale steps into the ring for charity

Looks like KPMG is putting on the gloves, in a celebrity
bout that is sure to attract quality ringside attention as a partner takes on a
professional boxing champion.

Bob Seale, the unenviable KPMG man in the ring, is to spar
with Clinton McKenzie, a former European and British Light Welterweight
Champion and also an Olympic finalist.

There’s no doubt Bob’s cause is noble – that of the
Alzheimers Society – but TS wonders if the money will be needed for the
Ambulance Service.

According to, Bob hopes to last 12
three-minute rounds. Twelve! Ouch. That’s got to hurt – and it’s going to
happen on a Thursday evening, 11 October, so don’t expect him in the next day.

TS found that in fact J G-J not only knew about his staff
member’s apparently suicidal plan, but was supporting the fiasco with a
generous donation of £100.

According to the website, Bob should be fine as he’s been ‘taking
his training very seriously’.

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