Some firms do ‘ave ’em

Many think that management consultants are a bit ‘fluffy’,
prone to jargon, and basically unhelpful to the businesses they’re hired to

Multiply their so-called ‘fluffiness’ with that of a
management training course – and we’re talking very fluffy indeed.

But Ernst & Young’s consultants and advisers are not
fluffy, nor is the new-wave training they undertake, insists head of advisory
Steve Varley.

To create the next generation of advisers, E&Y sends
them out on a five-day course to a country house in Milton
Keynes, where they are given no agenda at all. No start time or
finish. Nothing. Nada.

They are handed some materials to work with and ‘mock
clients’. It’s up to them to work out what the clients want and how to give it
to them. Apparently this allows them to think on their feet, and absorb E&Y’s

Fluffy or not, TS couldn’t think of anything else but Frank
Spencer on his ill-fated PR course. TS is sure he went to a different country house for that ill-fated sojourn.

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