Naughty goings-on at Age’s Awards

There’ always someone willing to play up at the Accountancy Age Awards, and this year was no exception – in fact we had two naughty schoolboys this year.

Small firm of the Year winner SJD Accountancy sent someone to pick up its award who was, shall we say, publicity shy.

Eschewing the standard ‘off to the side and have your pic done for the mag’, the fella who picked up the award made a beeline for the opposite side of the hall. Even intervention by the Age’s influential and persuasive Ed in chief Damian Wild was futile. Oh well, no pic in the mag then for you Mr SJD person.

The other incident was less expected.

Unlike the other well-behaved sponsors, Mature Accountants’ award presenter shouted out a ‘Mature Accountants!’ slogan before handing the award over to the winner. More like Immature Accountants, thought TS.

Still, in 2005 we had award presenter Bridge Gadhok, of Doshi & Co, state that the award for small business software package of the year should go to his wife because she was such a lovely small package. Now that was really naughty.

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